Tyre services at your fingertips

Tyres are in great demand these days. Not only do cars and trucks require them, nowadays, mobility scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs run on them. Mobility scooters allow greater mobility to the disabled than a wheelchair would.

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Mobility scooters come in various types. They can broadly be classified into three

  • Small scooters are light vehicles that can dismantle into several parts allowing easy transport. They can easily fit in cars and be moved around conveniently. However, they have some drawbacks. Passenger weight they hold is very limited. In addition, they are not suitable for roads. Their battery wears down faster than other heavier scooters and hence they need quicker recharges.
  • Medium scooters are stronger than small scooters. Some models are even road safe. They are hefty and hence not so easily transportable but some models can break down to fit your car. They have excellent travel range and can travel up to 20 miles at the rate of 6mph. Their weight capacity is greatly better too, with the range of holding up to 135 kgs.
  • The larger scooters enjoy prettier designs and are sturdier than their counterparts. These scooters are safe for road travel. They enjoy high speeds of up to 8mph and also have greater weight tolerance of about 250 kgs. They are inflexible and require special storage and care. However, their battery power is enormous. They can run for up to 30 miles on a single charge. They are equipped with comfortable seats, lights, indicators and horns.